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Family Spotlight

My name is Steve O’Rourke and my wife’s name is Liell. We have been married since December of 2013. We are both in law enforcement. My experience began in 1992 and Liell since 2007. We have two wonderful children.  Julia is our youngest, and she is currently in 4th grade at Saint Catherine School. Our oldest, Dominique, currently attends college at NHTI in Concord. We live in Manchester.

We enjoy going to Disney, camping, walking on the beach, sitting by campfires, motorcycling, and enjoying other outdoor activities.

Liell and I both love the fact that Saint Catherine School has provided a safe and comfortable school environment in which Julia can learn. From the Family Fun Nights to the sports programs that Julia has done for the past 2 years, Saint Catherine School is like an extended family where we feel welcomed and happy to be a part of. Saint Catherine School has exceeded our expectations as a school, and it has made our community better because of the teachers and staff who work there.

We’re Jeff and Jeannine Myers with Brody in 1st grade and Caleb in Pre-K. I’m a Senior IT Program Manager, and Jeannine works with special needs children in the Londonderry South School. 

We’re big Disney fans. We go to Disney World every year, and we are doing our first Disney Land trip in April. We enjoy skiing, riding dirt bikes, boating, and biking. Brody & Caleb did 2 triathlons this past summer. Together we did a 10 mile, 5k, and 1 mile race for the kids. 

We investigated several schools in the area including public, and we were won over by Mrs. Bergeron and the families we met, and by the students giving the tour. We like the combination of a school that teaches moral values with a diverse education including technology.


Dad: Pete - Sales Manager at NH1 News, WBINTV
Mom: Dina - Paraprofessional in the Kindergarten classroom here at Saint Catherine of Siena School.
Anthony – 6th grade,  Dominic is 2nd grade

Our favorite thing to do as a family is travel. We love seeing new places, and we love baseball. Since we love both these things we decided a few years back to start touring all the major league baseball parks. Our goal is to take our boys to all thirty parks. We have seen eleven so far. Each summer we plan a trip, and off we go! We have been to see the Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago White Sox , Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles, and last but not least the New York Yankees both the old and new stadium! These trips have been an amazing experience for our boys. We have run bases, caught fly balls, been in dug outs, and munched on about 100 hot dogs over the years. We LOVE Baseball, and we LOVE our New York Yankees! 

Our most memorable moment here at Saint Catherine of Siena school was when our oldest son was in Kindergarten,and we volunteered at the Thanksgiving Day Feast. It is a tradition that is near and dear to our hearts. It was the first big event that we participated in as new parents, and it was amazing! Seeing all the children, teachers and volunteers working together to make a Thanksgiving dinner for over four hundred people was unbelievable. There is a sense of community and family here at Saint Catherine of Siena school. We have been blessed to have our children be a part of this school. It has given our older son the foundation to soar in Middle school. Our younger son is growing and learning each and every day. His favorite lesson right now is learning cursive. It is joy to watch the excitement of learning.

Our family consists of Grampa (Denis), Grammy (Cindy), Serena, who is 10 years old, and River, who is 8 years old. We have 3 cats and a water garden with gold fish.

What do you enjoy doing as a family?
Our family enjoys going to fairs and amusement parks. We love cooking together. Holiday baking is always fun. We also like to garden. (mostly vegetables)!

Describe a memorable event, experience, tour highlight, or unique characteristic of Saint Catherine of Siena School.
One of our favorite memories is serving and helping the children at the School's Thanksgiving Dinner. Denis and I look forward to this every year.

Hello, we are The Bentas ' of Manchester, NH. We have lived here for 12+ years. Our girls have been attending St. Catherine's since 2011, when my eldest started here. We have three girls.

What do you enjoy doing as a family?

Our family enjoys outings to YMCA on rainy days, swimming,  tennis, and a picnic at the park.

Describe a memorable event, experience, tour highlight, or unique characteristic of Saint Catherine of Siena School.

My children and I have been participating in Cheerleading over the last three years, and we have a blast. We also love the new Move-a-thon day in the Spring.


Dad – John, Lieutenant of the Community Services Division, Concord Police Department
Mom – Anna, Deputy Public Health Director, City of Manchester Health Department

John or “JJ” – 5th Grade and Chase (who lives up to his name) – 1st Grade

What do you enjoy doing as a family?

Simply stated, “Everything!” … family and friends mean the world to us, and we are at our happiest when we are surrounded by all of them. With John being from the heart of Boston, Bruins-Red Sox-Patriots-Celtics blood runs through our veins (we actually think that our children have inherited a “B for Boston” chromosome). Our boys love to play sports so on any given weekend; you will find us at a hockey rink or on a baseball/soccer field! All other time is focused on learning, giving to others and spending time together. Our lives are filled with Legos, Cheerios and lots of laundry!

Describe a memorable event, experience, tour highlight, or unique characteristic of Saint Catherine of Siena School.

As with so many other families, we want only the very best for our children. For us, the mission of St. Catherine’s embodies the values we hope to instill in our boys … “spiritual and academic excellence and a lifelong 

commitment to serve others”. We are eternally grateful to the staff and students who helped us to face and beat Anna’s cancer diagnosis as a family, but also to inspire us to start “Kids Caring or Kids” as a means to pay it forward to the community. The picture above is our family enjoying the box seats we won at the “Run for the Roses” Auction to benefit St. Catherine’s. We especially love the many opportunities the school and church provides to celebrate our children’s growth and potential such as: making First Communion, the art shows, the science fairs and musical performances. We are truly blessed to be able to provide such an amazing foundation and future for our kids!


Dad - Shayne, Marketing Director Coca-Cola of Northern New England

Mom - Renee Hair Stylist, Derry Inspiring Styles 

Grace: St. Catherine's ('13) Trinity Freshman, Mary: St. Catherine's ('15) St. Joseph's Regional Jr. High School 7th Grade, Danielle: 4th Grade, Matthew: Kindergarten

What do you enjoy doing as a family?

As a family with 4 children we are often on the go, so time spent together is what we enjoy most.  Our family looks forward to Friday evenings which is our "Family Night".  You will find us sitting around the kitchen table catching up on the week's events and enjoying quality time as a family. Typically we will be eating Pizza and drinking ice cold Coca-Cola's (The world's best beverage).  Topics can range from silly to serious, but always with the goal of getting everyone's opinion.  It is more about the time spent with each other than anything else.

Describe a memorable event, experience, tour highlight, or unique characteristic of Saint Catherine of Siena School.


We have had a child in attendance at St. Catherine's for the past 9 years.  In those years we have had so many wonderful experiences.  Through the years our family has made friends and created lasting memories. Our children have received caring and thoughtful guidance in both their faith and education


One of the things that we feel makes St. Catherine's so unique is the way the school community comes together.  At all of the school events from the Open House to the Curriculum Fair you will find that everyone celebrates the success and accomplishments of the students.  You leave the gatherings with the feeling that you have experienced something special in a wonderful place. 


St. Catherine's is truly a community dedicated to nurturing children, which allows them to confidently achieve their full potential.


Dad: Adam - Government Relations Manager at Bianco Professional Association
Mom: Kristin -Physician Assistant at Manchester Community Health Center
Meghan - 3rd gradeCaroline - 2nd gradeJohn - Pre-K

What do you enjoy doing as a family?

We are a big sports family.  If it involves any sort of stick or ball or running we probably want to be involved.  Meghan and Caroline are both hockey players - Meghan on the Lady Monarchs and Caroline on the West River Royals.  John just started to play this summer.  The kids play soccer in the fall, and we also do a few 5K's together.  We love to watch sports together and cheer on our favorite teams. It is even better for the kids when they get to stay up past bedtime!  

Describe a memorable event, experience, tour highlight, or unique characteristic of Saint Catherine of Siena School.

One of the things that we love so much about St. Catherine of Siena School is the sense of community.  I think that one of the things that my kids looked forward to a lot this year were the dress-down days.   Dress down days meant that not only did they get to wear something besides their uniform, but the premise was that you would make a donation to a worthy cause, whether it is a family in need, a charity, or the service project of a fellow family.  There were a few times that my kids accused me of "not giving enough"!  I think that the school is instilling in them the importance of "doing unto others." Teaching this value at a young age will hopefully help promote a lifetime of service to those in need.

This was taken on our trip to the Philippines Last January with Kevin’s younger brother “Uncle Mike”. 
The men are wearing traditional Filipino Barong Tagalog formal shirts.

Dad: Kevin - Podiatrist, Granite State Podiatry
Mom: Maria - Physician, University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center
Madeleine - 3rd grade, Lauren - 2nd grade, and  Adrienne - 1st grade

What do you enjoy doing as a family?

Kevin’s family is from Nantucket, so we have been going each summer since the girls were born.  We love the beaches there and enjoy playing in the sand; snorkeling, boogie boarding and more recently paddle boarding.  Since moving from NJ, we have also enjoyed exploring the mountains and seacoast of NH.  During the winter you might find us at Tri-Town ice skating or at Loon and Pat’s Peak skiing.  Generally though, we enjoy being at home eating Dad’s Panini sandwiches or making pizza and playing games like wiffle ball!

Describe a memorable event, experience, tour highlight, or unique characteristic of Saint Catherine of Siena School.

One of the most memorable experiences since becoming a part of the Saint Catherine of Siena School community was our first Family Fun Night where we had a chance to meet other families.  Kevin discovered that several of his (or his brother’s) friends from Trinity High School have also chosen St Catherine’s school for their children. They have reconnected after 20+ years. (We found out that even Principal Bergeron’s sons are familiar names to our family!).  We love the sense of pride and community that Saint Catherine’s brings about with events such as Kids Caring for Kids, Family Fun Night, Run for The Roses Social, Field Day, and the music and art shows.  Another highlight was Adrienne’s kindergarten graduation ceremony; the songs and presentation were so sweet, and each child was recognized for his or her uniqueness.