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Religious Formation

Lord, throughout this day, 
As I try to follow You,
Let this be my rule to live by: What Would Jesus Do?
In all my actions, help me
To be honest, fair, and true,
To make all my decisions by: What Would Jesus Do?
And let me promise each new day
To live my whole life through
In love and peace, remembering: 
What Would Jesus Do?
“To Teach as Jesus Did” serves as the main focus of our school ministry.  Christian values are taught through example in our everyday life, our commitment to community service, special prayers for our community, daily prayer, prayer services, and weekly Mass.  We have daily Religion classes using the curriculum set by the Diocese, but our Catholic values are also integrated throughout the daily curriculum. We encourage our students to acquire knowledge and to deepen their faith in preparation for their future role in the Church and the world.

Twice per month the students at St. Catherine School participate in the Liturgy.  Teachers and students prepare the readings and present gifts in the Offertory Procession.  Students participate in the Stations of the Cross and Advent prayer services. Students in grades one through six attend weekly Adoration and pray the Rosary.  In May the six graders and first communion students prepare for the Crowning of Mary.

We strive to build a Faith Community which will reach out beyond the walls of the school. Religion is not only a subject but it is at the very center of the curriculum throughout all classes.

Long term preparation for the sacraments is done in the school as part of Religion class. Immediate preparation for First Penance and First Eucharist must be done in the parish to which the student belongs.