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Note of the Day

Friday March 27th
Happy Friday all my friends!  The weekend is here and we should see lots f sunshine... we hope!  We have officially finished our second week of Remote Learning. Mrs. Plante and I  are so proud of of you all!! You have been working so hard!  We know this has been a little tricky but as a "School Family" we have done great!  It looks like our Remote Learning is going to continue for a few more weeks....once we have all the details we will send out our daily email later today.  To start the day off on the right foot.. say The Rosary...we say it as  "School Family" each Friday so start your morning off with one decade which is how many Rosaries? 
We miss you all very much!     

Thursday March 26th
I hope everyone enjoyed game day and craft day yesterday.  We loved seeing all the pictures of your awesome art work!  It looks like you guys are staying busy and having so much fun!   Today is supposed to be opening day for Baseball season..Mrs. De Tone's favorite time of the year...but just like there is No School there is No Baseball right now.  Try to play catch today and wear your favorite Baseball hat. Mrs. Plante is going to play catch with her dog Lucy!  Don't forget today is SCS Spirit day so dress in Purple and if you can post your picture on the SCS Facebook page. Have a great day!   

Wednesday March 25th
*Pray the "Our Father" today in hopes we can  be back together soon*
I hope everyone enjoyed the snow yesterday..this weather has been crazy! Mrs. De Tone and Dominic made a NY Yankee Snowman.  We can't wait for Baseball season! 
Mrs. Plante and I hope we can put our boots away by this weekend and dig out our flip flops!  
Today in Australia we are talking about the Jellyfish.  Did you know that the Jellyfish is not a fish! It has no brain, eyes, heart or bones. Even the Grinch had at least a tiny heart!  Today is craft/game day for spirit week.  See if you can make your own Jellyfish!  A craft will be posted on the KB main webpage...check it out!  Maye you could play a game of UNO or Candy Land today or how about Hopscotch outside!
Have a fun day we can't wait to see all your "masterpieces"!

Tuesday March 24th
Happy "Outside" day for Spirit week....looks like there is plenty of snow to play in!  I just can't believe it!!  It is like a winter wonderland outside!  WOW 
As much as the snow is pretty... Mrs. De Tone and Mrs. Plante want Spring to Spring!  
Did you know that all snowflakes have six sides.  The largest snowflake ever recorded was in 1887 in Montana. It was 15 inches wide! Use a ruler today and try to draw a 15 inch wide snowflake.  Do you think it will fit on  a regular piece of paper? 

Monday March 23rd

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  This week we are starting the letter X.  This is a tricky letter.  There are not a lot of words that start with X however there are plenty that end with X.  Which is fun!  Today I want you to to try to make a list of words that end with X and Rhyme.  In science this week we are working on "Examining Characteristics of Objects"  be sure to check out all the cool objects and tools you have in your science bag.  You can be a detective today by using your magnifying glass to look at things around your house.  What happens to them when you look at them through the magnifying glass?  
I hear there is more snow coming...I think I am going to have a snowball fight today with Anthony and Dominic!  

Happy Friday the 20th
Today is the first day of Spring!  Mother nature is really playing tricks on us this week....Snow yesterday and now today it is going to be back to the 60's!  Mrs. De Tone is going to go for a bike ride with Anthony and Dominic today.... wish me luck they like to pedal fast!  Try to see if you can draw a beautiful Spring picture.  Make sure you have a flower (purple one that's my favorite) some green grass, a sunshine and maybe even a rainbow too!  Try to teach  your parents our color song today! Have Fun!
*We found a great website for you to check out it is full of great activities created for specific age groups*

Thursday March 19th 
Let it Snow! What a beautiful day it was yesterday... now it looks like today instead of riding bikes we will be on our sleds!  See if you can make your own snowflakes at home today.  Remember no two snowflakes are alike, just like us, God made us all special and unique and we are perfect just the way we are!  Take a guess on how much snow we will get today...Mrs. De Tone thinks 4 inches.   

Wednesday March 18th.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Corn Beef and Cabbage last night!  Today is our first day of remote learning.  I hope everyone has had a chance to go through their Week 1 packet.  This week we are working on the Letter W and in Math we are working on identifying numbers to 100.  Our Science activity this week is on Living and Non-living things.  Today looks like it will be a beautiful day to incorporate some outside time with this activity.  Take a walk and see if your child can identify some living and then non-living things outside and then they can draw them in their science book.