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Art Class Schedule 2019-2020
Monday KA, 5A, 1A
Tuesday PK, 3B
Wednesday 1B, 5B, 2B
Thursday 3A, 4B, 6B, 2A
Friday KB, 4A, 6A

-Casella Calendar Contest
-NH Fire & Life Safety Contest
-NH Clean Water Poster Contest
-YAM Sargent Art Awards
-Pumpkin Service Project Contest
-Diocesan Multimedia Youth Contest

Contact Information:

TEACHER:  Mrs. Crystal Speck-Tritter 

PHONE:  603-622-1711 


Mrs. Speck-Tritter
Art Classes PK-6

Children are given educational artistic experiences where each can be creative, thoughtful and confident.   Projects are designed to deepen students understanding of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.  Students work on developing various art making skills and techniques while being encouraged to be original, problem solve and to use their imaginations.  

All artwork is saved for the annual Art Show & Spring Concert in May.  Artwork will come home with your child in late May/early June. 

Knights of Columbus

"Keep Christ in Christmas" Poster Contest 2019

Congratulations to the Knights of Columbus "Keep Christ in Christmas" poster contest winners from our school: 1st place - Caitlin , 2nd place - Lauren , and 3rd place - Ana.  Posters were created reflecting the theme "Keep Christ in Christmas" to promote the true spirit of Christmas in our homes, schools, parishes and communities.  Posters were judged based on slogan, visuals, and overall impact.  

6th Grade Pumpkin Painting Service Project 2019

 This is an annual service project done in art class in October for the benefit and enjoyment of senior residents at the Meetinghouse at Riverside in Manchester. 

NHWPCA Clean Water Week Poster Contest

Congratulations to 5th grade students Ryan, Luke, Lauren, and Brandon for their entries in the 2019 NHWPCA (New Hampshire Water Pollution Control Association) Clean Water Week Poster Contest.  This year's contest theme was Imagine a Day Without Water.  There were 14 finalists out of 140 entries received.  Four of our St. Catherine of Siena students received honorable mentions out of the 14 finalists.  Students, parents and teachers attended the Governor's Proclamation and awards dinner reception at the NH State House and NH State Library on Tuesday March 15th.  Their artwork will be printed on the 2019-2020 calendar poster in honor of NH Clean Water Week June 2-8, 2019.

Casella Calendar Contest 

Congratulations to Ethan for his winning entry and to Errol for his honorable mention in the Casella Calendar Contest (both pictured above). Casella received 602 entries from 3rd grade students from 26 New Hampshire schools.  Students created artworks about recycling and taking care of the earth and its environment.  Ethan's artwork will be featured as one of the months in next year's calendar and Errol's artwork will be on a page devoted to honorable mentions in the calendar.  

NH Fire and Life Safety Contest Winners 2019 

Congratulations to our two 3rd grade students Ellen and Ethan for their winning entries in the NH 7th Annual Fire and Life Safety Contest.  Students, parents and teachers attended the awards ceremony Thursday evening April 4th at the NH Fire Academy in Concord where they got to meet the State Fire Marshal and our Manchester City Fire Marshal as well as Sparky the Fire Dog.  There were over 600 entries from schools across the state and only 13 were chosen for the calendar.  Art works were judged on visual appeal and communication of one of 12 fire and life safety topics.  Ellen's artwork will be featured in the month of January - Home Fire Sprinkler Protection and Ethan's artwork will be featured in the month of February - Burn Awareness in next year's calendar. 

NHAEA Youth Art Month Student Exhibit 2019 

Congratulations to Christopher, Kendall, and Sophie whose artwork was chosen to represent our school at the 2019 NH State Youth Art Month Exhibit at the NH State Library in March.

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