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Currier Museum Links

 2nd Grade    You Be The Scientist What hypothesis can you make about the painting? 
 Pablo Picasso,Woman Seated in a ChairChilde Hassam,Columbus Avenue BostonGeorgia O'Keeffe,Cross by the Sea, Canada
 3rd/4th Grade NH People & PlacesTell the elements of art that you see. 
  Charles Sheeler,Amoskeag Canal Jon Brooks,True Loves Blue Edmund Charles Tarbell,Mercie Cutting Flowers
  William Zorach,Plowing the Fields  
 5th/6th Grade Math & ScienceHow did math play a role in MC Escher's art? 
  Sky and Water I, 1938 Hand with Reflecting Sphere, 1935 Drawing Hands, 1948
  MC Escher Official Site