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Every Monday, your child will bring home his/her reading response notebook to complete the designated tsk.  The children have until Friday to complete one reading response.  This homework will change monthly, so I will send a letter home each month indicating the new homework assignment. 

For the month of January, I am asking that you and your child read a story together.  Please have your child write a sentence about the setting, a sentence about the main character and a sentence about his/her favorite part in the story.  There should be a total of 3 - 4 sentences.  Please have your child draw a picture to go along with the story.  

Please make sure that the entry includes the date, title, and author of the book on every page.  Each journal entry should only be one or two pages in length.  The children have already glued an example of how I would like the January journal entry to look like in their reading response notebook. Thank you!