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Grade 1B

Daily Assignments
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Vocabulary: done  paper  were  great  soon  work  laugh  talk
Spelling List: slow  boat  grow  coat  show  low  blow  goat  snow  road  far  year does
No live lesson today.
Have a wonderful Easter Break!
Wednesday, April 8
Religion:Choose an activity from the Living Lent Calendar.
Optional Jesus Bearing the Cross coloring page
Math: Chapter 5 test pages 245-246. (in the April envelope) You can follow along with the audio recording or do it on your own.  Have Mom or Dad send a picture of both pages.
Please take time to review these concepts before starting the test.

Reading: Read the little book "It Was Snow Fun"
Phonics: pages 195 and 196
Spelling: Study your words.
Tuesday, April 7
Religion: Choose an activity from the Living Lent Calendar.
Optional Last Supper coloring page
Math: Check Your Progress Lessons 18-22 p 243 - We will do this during our live lesson at 11:15. So, be sure to have your paper ready.
Have Mom or Dad send a picture when you are done.
Reading: Write your vocabulary words in your vocabulary book. (done, paper, were, great, soon, work, laugh, talk) Complete Words to Know worksheet p 43
Phonics: pages 193 - 194


Spelling: Use the blue composition book in the April envelope.
Write spelling on the front, on the first 2 pages write your spelling words 2 times each.

Science: With Mom or Dad's help, use the paper fastener that is in the white envelope inside the April envelope to put your Body System Wheel together. 

Monday April 6
Religion: Choose an activity from the Living Lent Calendar.
Optional Palm Sunday coloring page.
Math: Review counting by 2's, 5's and 10's (you can use the videos on the old assignment page); practice greater than/ less than with this game site.  Use the game called greater then, less than. equal to 1-100.
Reading: Watch the video- It introduces our new vocabulary and reads the story

Tomas Rivera

Phonics: Long o - Watch video; do pages 191 and 192

long o

Spelling: Play a game on spelling city with the new words Lesson 19.
Handwriting: pages 112 and 113

Language Focus
Story: Tomas Rivera
April 6 - 16

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