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Math Vocabulary

Chapter 5: Place Value to 100
ones    tens    place value    is less than (<)    is greater than (>)
digit    2-digit number    value    expanded form    even number
odd number    10 less    10 more    hundred chart    compare
count by 5s    count by 2s    count by 10s

Chapter 3: Subtraction Strategies and Facts to 12
subtract    take away    subtraction story    subtraction sentence   
subtraction fact    minus(-)    difference    
whole - part = part    related subtraction facts (5-3=2; 5-2=3)
related addition and subtraction facts (5-3=2; 2+3=5)
fact families: 2+3=5; 3+2=5; 5-3=2; 5-2=3 (use all the same number)
how many more     how many fewer

Chapter 2: Addition Strategies and Facts to 12
addition story    add    addition sentence    addend    sum    equals(=)    plus(+)    addition fact    related addition facts (1+2=3; 2+1=3)    addition strategies    part + part = whole    doubles facts   
doubles +1  

Chapter 1: Numbers, Number Words, and Ordinals
number    zero 0    one 1    two 2    three 3    four 4    five 5    
six 6    seven 7    eight 8    nine 9    ten 10    eleven 11    twelve 12 
one fewer then        one more than
order    count on    number line    count back   
just before    just after     between
is equal to =    is less then <    is greater than >
ordinal number    first 1st    second 2nd    third 3rd    fourth 4th   fifth 5th    sixth 6th   seventh 7th    eighth 8th   ninth 9th   
tenth 10th

Kindergarten Review
color    blue    green    red    yellow    orange    purple    brown   black    white    pink    gray

number    zero    one    two    three    four    five    six    seven    eight    nine    ten    eleven    twelve    thirteen    fourteen    fifteen    sixteen     seventeen    eighteen    nineteen    twenty    thirty    forty    fifty    sixty    seventy    eighty    ninety             one hundred