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Welcome to First Grade


 Dear Parents,

 Welcome to first grade!  I am looking forward to working with your child this year.  This letter contains many of the informational things necessary for an easy transition to first grade.  If you have any questions, I will try to answer them at Open House on TBD or drop me a note and I will get back to you.

 Our day begins with prayers at 7:40. 

Our subjects are Religion, reading, phonics, math, spelling, handwriting, creative writing, science and social studies.

We have the following specials each week:

                   Monday: Music

                   Tuesday: Spanish and PE

                   Wednesday: Art

                   Thursday: Computers and Library


 We attend Mass on Mondays.  This will start on Monday, Sept 9, 2019.  The children need to wear their formal uniform for Mass and on every Monday.

                             Boys: white oxford shirt, navy tie and khaki pants

                             Girls: white round collar blouse and plaid jumper


One of the folders you sent in will be used as a SCHOOL/HOME folder.  Papers, notices, etc. that are to stay home will be on the left side (LEFT at home).  Homework papers and other things that have to be returned or brought back to school will be on the right side (RIGHT back to school).  Please help your children be responsible for putting this folder and vocabulary book into their backpacks at night so they are ready to go in the busy morning rush.

Please send notes and money to school in envelopes clearly marked with your child’s name, what the money is for and our classroom name – 1B.  PLACE THESE IN THEIR SCHOOL / HOME FOLDER.

Lunches / Snacks / Water Bottles

Children should bring a healthy morning snack with a drink and a lunch.

Hot Lunch orders are sent home once a month in the Wednesday white envelope and are on line. Please be sure to send lunch orders back by the due dates on the slips.

Snacks may be purchase for 50 cents.  There are various types of chips, popcorn and ices available.  The children place their orders in the morning and snack is distributed at Lunchtime.

Water Bottles are encouraged. 



One of the composition books you purchased is your child’s reading and math vocabulary homework book.

It will go home each night Mon. to Thurs.  Please help your child to practice reading the words.  It is important for your child to read the words to you to assure they are reading the words correctly.  New words will be added to their vocabulary books as we introduce new stories in their readers and at the start of new math units. Also have your child read the fluency practice sheet to you.  Their reading speed should improve with each reading.

In addition to practicing the vocabulary words, the children are expected to do a homework paper(s) that will be sent home.  This could be a math, spelling, phonics, or handwriting practice paper to be done at home and returned the next day.

Homework should not be a stressful event and is meant to reinforce what we have been learning in class.  Please let me know if your child is becoming stressed over it.


BIRTHDAYS are special. 

Feel free to send in a special treat for the class on your child’s birthday.  We presently have ___ students in our class.  We will celebrate summer birthdays in May and June.  Please let me know if your child has any food allergies. 

Our school policy states that we are not allowed to let the children distribute birthday invitations at school unless all the children (or all the same gender) in our class are invited. 


Scholastic Reading Club Orders

Each month I will send home the Scholastic Reading Club flier.  This is optional.  Orders are placed and the books will be delivered to the classroom.  If you decide to buy books and are paying by check please make your checks payable to Scholastic Reading Club.  Your order may also be placed on-line. To place an on-line order you can click the link on our class website. Our classroom code for scholastic is GMVGR.



Dismissal is orderly and quick if everyone remains in their cars and follows the “route” for their grade level.  It is most helpful to us if you put your child’s First and Last name on a cardboard sign and display it in the front windshield on the passenger side.  This will help identify the child and car as you move along the line.


Please label all clothing items.  Everyone in the school has the required sweater and there are hundreds of gym jackets. 

Our school website is:   

My classroom web page is:

E-mail:  (read at the end of the day)

 If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at school at 622-1711 or send in a note with your child.


                                                                             Anita Boushie