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Grade 2B


This week 4/6/2020

 Spellingwords with long i
Religion Lenten activities 
 MathProblem-solving strategy
 ReadingLesson 17
Luke Goes to Bat
 Phonicswords with long i
i, igh, ie, y
 Social Studiesmaps 
Writing prompts 

1. night
2. kind
3. spy
4. child 
5. light
6. find
7. right
8. high
9. wild
10. July
11. fry
 12. sigh
13. by
14. why


1.  extra - more of something
2.  practice - to do an activity often to become better at it
3.  position - the place where something or someone is supposed to be
4.  hurried - did something quickly
5.  cheered - shouted to show happiness
6.  roared - shouted in a powerful voice
7.  final - last
8.  curb - the edge of a road

Look around my website for information and links to games.
Daily assignments:     
 MONDAY 4/6/2020
copy words into spelling book, write one more time.Visit Spelling City. Play a game.
Lenten Calendar choose one 
 MathMath lesson with Mrs. Manning.
Problem-solving strategy
Do pages 181-182

glue new vocabulary list in vocab book.  Read words and meanings. Read vocabulary in context cards on pages 44-45.  Read story to yourself. Do Target Vocabulary worksheet.
 HandwritingUpper case N. Do page115 and practice sheet.
 ScienceWork on project.
 Social Studies X 
Writing  X 
TUESDAY 4/7/2020  
 Spellingwrite words in alphabetical order
Religion Lenten Calendar 
Do page183
 Phonics/GrammarDo page 16 in practice book
 Upper case M.  Do page 116 and worksheet
work on bird project
Social Studies  X 
Writing                     X
WEDNESDAY 4/8/2020  
 Spellingchoose 1 or 2 games from Spell City
Religion Choose one activity from your Lenten Calendar to do. 
Do page184
 ReadingRead story to Mom or Dad
 Phonics/GrammarDo page 17 in practice book
Upper case H.  Do page 117 and worksheet
 Sciencework on science project
Social Studies 
THURSDAY 4/9/2020  

Social Studies  
FRIDAY 4/10/2020  
 Religion  Say 1 decade of the rosary

 Social Studies