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Biography Project

1. Read: Read a biography of a famous person. Using index cards, take notes of important facts as you read your book.

2. Rough Draft: You will need to speak about this person for two minutes (without reading notes) at the open house on April 21st. Begin writing the rough draft of your speech about the life of that person, writing in the 1st person. Your rough draft is due March 23rd.

3. Practice Your Speech: The rough draft may be in the form of neatly written notes on index cards. After the rough draft of your speech is approved, begin practicing your speech at home with your family or friends. Sometime during the week of March 28th, you will be recording half of your speech with Mrs. Aiken for one minute, as practice for the real thing. You must be able to speak about your character for at least two minutes and answer questions that guests may have about your character. Your display board may be used as a visual to help you remember facts about your character, but you may not read your report at the open house.

4. Project board: Your project board is due on Monday, April 18th. Decorate your display board with pictures, subtitles, timelines, maps, drawings, artifacts, etc, anything that will help you tell the story of the life of your character. (Use the board we will provide, so they are all the same size.) You may point to pictures on your board as you give your speech, to help you tell the story of your character. Think of items you might bring in to help tell the story, to add to your display.

5. Bibliography: You must include a bibliography on the back of your display board, telling where you got your information. The book title, author, and copyright date must be included, as well as the names of any web sites used for pictures. You must tell where your pictures came from. The boards will be distributed as soon as they arrive. Please bring in $4.00 by March 13th to cover the cost of the board.

6. Open House: On Thursday, April 21st, the night of our open house, you will come to school dressed as that person, to participate in our classroom “American Wax Museum”. You will stand frozen at your station until a visitor presses your button. You will need to create a fake “button” or “buzzer” for the guests to press to make you come alive. When your button is pressed, you will come alive and begin telling all about the life of that person. Your speech should last about two minutes. Be ready to answer any questions the guests may have about your character. Be able to tell about the important character traits of this person.

You will be graded on: Project deadlines turned in on time, oral report clear (no reading), all directions followed, was present at curriculum fair, able to describe character traits, boards done with details and contains a bibliography. *Credit to Mrs. Marble's website.*

Maura Aiken,
Apr 12, 2015, 1:38 PM