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Progress Report Explanation

Dear Parents,
During progress report time, I am evaluating the students' potential to grow academically and behaviorally.
It is important that I explain that perfection does not exist in any subject at the beginning of the year because there is so much to learn.
In my class, " M" = excellent potential for an A at report card time
                      "P" = Working at his or her own pace; average effort
                      "I" = More effective effort is necessary in this content area
As this is not the time for a clear earned grade, I believe it is important to explain to my students that we all have the potential to grow. This is my philosophy. I will explain this concept to my students. Please support me in sharing this with your child.

Also parent conferences will be held before report card time. If you asked for a meeting please know this will count as your conference for the trimester. If you would still like one now please let me know. 

Mrs. Thompson