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Grade 5B - Mrs. Goodman's Class

Homework 03/13/2020

5B Religion:  none

5B Social Studies:  none

5B Language Arts: none

5B Math:  back side of worksheet

5A & 5B Science:  
Work on proposal for Science Fair Project (due Monday, March 16th)

Advanced Science Class:  Color layers of the Earth from notes packet (due Wednesday, March 18, 2020)
Journey to the Center of the Earth Comic Book (due Wednesday March 27, 2020)

6A & 6B Science:  
Write up two paragraphs on how your scientist has effected the us.  What impact have they made on us and/or what we know about science. (due Monday, March 16, 2020)

Our Science program can be accessed through  Please email me for the username and password for student access to the website.

  With temperatures dropping and colder weather upon us, please remember to dress students appropriately. 

March 2-6:  Book fair, 5B scheduled for Monday and Wednesday, Friday morning final call
March 17:  St. Patrick's Day
March 30:  Grades 3-6 Penance Service

Anima Christi

Soul of Christ, sanctify me. 

Body of Christ, save me. 

Blood of Christ, inebriate me. 

Water from the side of Christ, wash me. 

Passion of Christ, strengthen me. 

O good Jesus, hear me. Within Your wounds hide me. Separated from You let me never be. From the malignant enemy, defend me. At the hour of death, call me. And close to You bid me. That with Your saints I may be Praising You, forever and ever. Amen.