Fifth and Sixth Grades

5th and 6th Grade Objectives

Movement Skills 

  • Demonstrates the ability to use locomotor movements and combinations in simple dances or other movement sequences.  
  • Demonstrates catching and throwing patterns with balls and other appropriate objects.  
  • Refines the skills of striking and dribbling.  
  • Understands that games have rules and boundaries and puts that knowledge into practice.  
  • Performs the skills of kicking, and passing and trapping.  
  • Demonstrates the ability to successfully strike or volley an object against the wall using hand or short racquet.  
  • Applies throwing, catching and striking skills in small-sided lead up games.

Physical Activity 

  • Recalls all the components of health-related fitness.  
  • Completes a modified version of a health-enhancing personal fitness assessment.  
  • Understands that participation in physical activity is a conscious choice.  
  • Understands the meaning of “aerobic” and identifies various aerobic activities.  
  • Identifies the community resources available for participation in regular physical activity.

Safety, injury prevention, and personal responsibility 

  • Follows proper safety methods and recognizes potential risks associated with physical activities. 
  • Interacts positively with others regardless of differences.  
  • Identifies positive behaviors and comments to use during play situations. 
  • Uses several conflict resolution strategies in game play situations.