Third and Fourth Grades

3rd and 4th Grade Objectives

Movement Skills 

  • Demonstrates smooth transitions using locomotor skills (e.g., run, walk, skip, leap, and slide) in movement sequences. 
  • Uses the concept of space awareness and basic movement to perform basic dances. 
  • Kicks stationary and rolling balls with a strong force while maintaining good balance.  
  • Demonstrates the ability to use and overhand throw for distance with good force.  
  • Knows various techniques for catching balls at different levels and directions.  
  • Volleys or consistently strikes objects with hand or short racquet.  
  • Demonstrates a variety of ways to establish a base of support and fundamental principles of maintaining balance.

Physical Activity 

  • Can demonstrate 2 or 3 components of health-related fitness assessment.  
  • Recognizes the physiological indicators that accompany moderate to vigorous activity.  
  • Understands that physical activity produces feelings of pleasure.  
  • Recognizes the relationship between nutrition and physical activity.  
  • Knows the difference between healthy and contra-indicated stretches and exercises.  
  • Understands the importance of drinking water (re-hydration) during vigorous physical activity.

Safety, injury prevention, and personal responsibility 

  • Applies rules, procedures, and safe practices requiring little or no adult or peer reinforcement.  
  • Treats others with respect during play.  
  • Reports results of work honestly.  
  • Uses feedback to improve performance.