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Bus routes - Manchester School District website 

MTA bus info for St. Catherine Students

 Please notify the school office if you have any issues that need to be addressed.  If your child is arriving late to school in the morning, have him/her stop by the office and let me know what time the bus arrived.  We’ll try to fix any problems ASAP.

Thank you.

Bus schedule info:  The Manchester School District website keeps a posting of the bus routes.  You will be looking for the Approved Private School (APS) routes.  Note that the stop times are not exact, so please allow a bit of extra time especially for the first few weeks of school.

If your child’s bus runs late in the afternoon:  Please call MTA at 623-8801 and ask for “School Dispatch”. You will need your child’s bus number (i.e. APS 4).  When MTA has substitute bus drivers, they may take longer to drive the route, so there may be no need to worry if a bus is running late.  We also have occasional days when the bus is used for a field trip by another school and gets to our school late to start the route.

Early dismissal days:  Since the Catholic elementary schools all dismiss at 11:30, the children will be arriving home about 3 hours earlier than their normal arrival time on full school days.  Please don’t worry if the routes take a bit longer on early dismissal days, since they are sometimes substitute drivers.

Bus stop assignments:  It is unlikely that the MTA will change a bus stop from an intersection to a house pickup.  If you request a change through the school office and the request is denied, the only further action that can be taken is to contact your school board representative.  The number of  bus stops has been reduced in order to minimize the riding time for the children, as well as to save on fuel and minimize traffic interruptions on busy streets.

Complaints/Changes needed:  Please notify Mrs. Cinzia Broketa in the office (603-622-1711 or if you have issues which need to be addressed.  We can only help if we are aware of a problem!