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Basketball - 2019-20

SCS Teams - We work together! 

"There are plenty of teams in every sport that have great players and never win titles.  Most of the time those players aren't willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the team.  The funny thing is, in the end, their unwillingness to sacrifice only makes individual goals more difficult to achieve.  One thing I believe to the fullest is that if you think and achieve as a team, the individual accolades will take care of themselves.  Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

-Michael Jordan

  St. Catherine of Siena Purple 
Knights Basketball 

Student Athletes create a feeling of pride and accomplishment, while promoting teamwork, friendship, discipline, and structure.

With the opportunity to participate on our school's sports teams comes the responsibility of commitment.  Attendance at all practices and games must not be viewed as elective.  When you join a team, you must be committed to that team above all other activities.  You must determine the level of the demands of your current schedule and insure that nothing will interfere with your attendance.  Your coaches and teammates are counting on you to be at every practice and game.  Please   remember that your coaches are giving their time to provide you with the opportunity to have fun, improve skills, stay in shape, and be part of a team.  Please respect the coaches, teammates, opponents, team rules, parents, fans, and officials. Our school success depends on you!

Go Purple Knights!

Mrs. Anzivino

Physical Education Teacher &

Athletic Director

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Coaches' Corner


Coaching Resources


In this space I  put a variety of coaching resources that may help you improve your coaching style, techniques and knowledge. If you have suggestions for this resource page, please let me know. With my sincere
thanks and gratitude for your time and talent given to the Purple Knights Basketball program!

Yahoo Group

- This group has been around for a number of years. It did change names about 2 years ago after the original founding coach passed away. This group has youth, high school and college coaches (and retired coaches) from around the country participating in it, sharing ideas and offering suggestions to coaches who have questions.

Reference for Coaches on Concussion Injuries


Report with suggestions for how coaches can deal with parents



Mismatch Etiquette  - written for high school teams, but easily adapted for this league

All CYO Coaches are required to 

complete Catholic Coaching Essentials.  In addition, all new basketball coaches are required to
complete Catholic Coaching Basketball Essentials.  Please go 

Basketball Coach Contact 

2019-20 St. Catherine of Siena Coaches

3/4th Grade Girls - 
Tim Szulc

3/4th Grade Boys - 
Mr. Perrin

5/6 Grade Girls -
Graham Manning

Maria Theresa Basco MD - 

5th Grade Boys -
Blaire Townsend

6th Grade Boys -
Patrick Dowd



Please contact me if you can help coach.


John Wooden's Desirable Coaching Traits

From the Coaching Tool Box:

1. Attentiveness to Detail - You must prepare to win in order to be a winner. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. 

2. Impartiality - This is a must, but you must remember that you must not treat everyone alike as they are all different. Give each one the treatment earned and deserved. 

3. Teaching Skill - It isn’t enough that you know the game, you must be able to teach it. Follow the laws of learning. 

4. Discipline - Most essential for proper concentration and group organization. 

5. Affability - The coach must be of an affable disposition because of the various groups with who he must associate. 

6. Forcefulness - You must be firm without being bullheaded. 

7. Alertness - Constant observation of all going on around and about are necessary for improved learning and decision making. 

8. Optimism - The pessimist isn't likely to produce a confident team that will play near to their full capability. 

9. Desire to Improve - Lack of ambition will result in complacency and laziness. 

10. Vision - A Picture of the possible must be shown to your players to provide a goal for them. 

11. Consideration For Others - You must be truly considerate of others if you expect them to be considerate of you. You must listen to them if you want them to listen to you. 

12. Resourcefulness - You must be ever ready to make necessary adjustments according to the situation and the personnel that you have available. 

13. Cooperativeness - An essential for all who work with others and are dependent on others in various ways. 

14. Leadership - Trust be commanded, not demanded. Others are working with you, not for you. Be interested in finding the best way rather than having your own way. 

15. Industriousness - There is no substitute for work. Worthwhile things should never be easy to attain. 

16. Enthusiasm -If you are to stimulate others, your heart must be in your work. Enthusiasm brushes off upon those with whom you come in contact. 

17. Sympathy - You must be truly interested in those under your supervision and be sympathetic with their problems. 

18. Self-control - Good judgment must be exercised in your decisions and they must be made through reason not emotion. 

19. Sincerity - Insincerity can be spotted very quickly and cause loss of respect.

Here is the link to the John Wooden video interview and other quotes from Coach Wooden on the Coaching Toolbox: _ John Wooden_