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Purple Knights X-C Team

Grades 4-5-6

The Saint Catherine of Siena cross country running team will hold practice  weekly for student athletes Grades 4 through 6.  Training will focus on running, stretching, and learning to Love to run!!!

Please Note – Saint Catherine informed consent form  and facility use pledge  must be filled out before the first practice.  The fee for cross country is $50.00.   This fee is to enter the races.

Practices and Pick-up
Practice will begin on Tuesday September 8th and run from 2:15-3:30pm.  Please be prompt.  All students not picked up by 3:30 pm will be placed in the after-school program and charged accordingly.

For those children enrolled in the after-school care program, please send in a note indicating you would like your child returned to the program following practice (if you will not be there by 3:30pm). 

If your son/daughter is going home with another parent, I need a note regarding this as well.



Practices will be held in the gym if there is inclement weather.  If a race is cancelled your son/daughter will  call you to let you know.

Schedule 2019


Thursday Sept. 5 - First Practice 2:15-3:30 - Parent Meeting       end of 1st practice
Tuesday Sept 11 - Practice 2:15-3:30
Thursday  Sept 12 - Practice 2:15-3:30
Tuesday Sept 18 -Practice 2:15-3:30
Thursday Sept 19 - Practice 2:15-3:30 
Tuesday Sept. 25 - practice 2:15-3:30
Thursday Sept 26 - practice 2:15-3:30


Tuesday Oct 2 - Practice 2:15-3:30
Thursday Oct 3 - Practice 2:15-3:30
Tuesday Oct 9 - Practice 2:15-3:30
Thursday Oct 10 - Practice 2:15-3:30
Tuesday Oct 16 - Practice 2:15-3:30
Thursday Oct 17 - Practice 2:15-3:30
Tuesday Oct 23 - Practice 2:15-3:30
Thursday Oct 24 - Practice 2:15-3:30


Tuesday Nov 3 - Return Uniforms and Team Ice Cream Party

Please bring to Practice

  • Sneakers and running clothes,
  • water bottle (with name on it), and
  • dress for the weather (hats, gloves, sweat pants, sweat top).

If you are not dressed properly, you will not be able to run outside with the team.

Race Schedule:

 Grade 4th, 5th, & 6th grade

Presentation of Mary Cross Country Catholic Invitational - Saturday September 27, 2018

Held at PMA - 182 Lowell Rd. Hudson, NH 03051

Course walk-thru is at 8:00am.  Races start at 9:00am - 1st race - 2nd-5th grade girls

2nd race - 2nd-5th grade boys

3rd race - 6th-8th grade girls

4th race - 6th-8th grade boys

Awards will be given out at 11:15am

Grade 4th and 5th grade only

Pinkerton Academy 1 mile Cross Country  Fun Run - Saturday October 13, 2018

Held at the Pinkerton Academy XC field Derry, NH

Course walk-thru starts at 8:15am

Races start:

 9:00am -  4th grade girls

 9:25am - 4th grade boys 

9:45am -  5th grade girls

10:05am - 5th grade boys

Awards given at the end of  all four races.

Upon receipt of the forms and fee  the xc uniform  will be given out the week of October 25th.

The introduction to X-country running is an awesome opportunity for the student athletes to enjoy the sport of running.  If you need to reach me, I will always carry my cell phone.  I look forward to working with the student-athletes.

Keep on Running !!!

Mrs. Jacquie Anzivino
Athletic Director and XC-Coach